Southeast-Wingdale 90

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Southeast RR Station (start)> Farm to Market Rd> 311> South Quaker Hill Rd> 66> Tabor Rd> 39> 55> 7> Bull's Bridge Rd> Schagticoke Rd> 341> Macedonia Rd> Skiff Mtn Rd> 4> 7> Calkinstown Rd> 41> 2> 3> 22> Deep Hollow Rd> Tower Hill Rd> 44> 343> Chestnut Hill Rd> Corbin Rd> Dover Furnace Rd> 22> Harlem Valley/Wingdale RR Station (end)

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John Z
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Amazing selection of roads. This is a very rewarding route but you must be strong enough for the distance and vertical.

The author increased the difficult factor 0.5 X each mile of hardpack, but this is not factored into the number above. The difficulty factor = 1 X 90 miles + 6700/100 vertical feet + 0.5 X 20 miles hardpack = 167. 6500' vertical gain, (Gray's difficulty factor = miles + vertical gain/100) The hardpack accounts for 20 miles total: Shagticoke Rd, Macedonia Brook Rd, Keeler Rd, West Woods 2 Rd, Deep Hollow Rd, Tower Hill Rd & Corbin Rd.

Metro North both ways, return on Harlem line above Southeast. Trains run every other hour; meaning Harlem Valley/Wingdale. Check time table and bring bike pass.

The Corbin Rd turn off Chestnut Ridge is easy to miss because it occurs at a fast part of the road. However, it is at a sharp bend. You we see from the profile when I am done that the 6700 vertical feet is true climbing -- not many rollers. But there are nice long flat parts along the Housatonic, Route 41/Route is fast and downhill until Route 22 and 8 miles is either downhill or totally flat.

Baird's Country Market in Corwall Bridge is closed on 4/2/2015.

HS 4/2/15

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