This is the next generation, back-end test site for the NYCC.org. This is being designed to support a WordPress-based front-end.

The underlying data was synced from the current NYCC.org production server on: Sunday, May 20th, 2018 at 2:26am EDT.

NYCC features supported by this back-end include:

  • Rides - Submit, Approving, Listing, Editing, Join/Withdraw/Waitlist
  • Users - Create, Join, Memberships, Single Sign On, Badges
  • Cue Sheet/Ride Library
  • SIG/STS Groups


The following features will be moving to the WordPress front-end:

  • General Content Pages - About and Resources menus, Links in blocks
  • Message Board/Marketplace
  • Events - Signups, Sponsored Events


Additional features that need a home:

  • Out of Bounds Rides
  • Volunteer Incentives
  • Elections