Six Covered Bridges 100

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New Brunswick RR Station (start)> S Middlebush Rd> Canal Rd> 518> Washington Crossing Rd> Aquetong Rd> Carverville Rd> Tohickon Hill Rd> 32> 604> 579> 514> 567> Raritan RR Station (end)

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This route does not end in New Brunswick; it ends in Raritan, NJ -- Driving to New Brunswick is not feasible because it is not an out and back. You must take NJ Transit:

On first appearance, it is more complex than I generally like, but many of the roads actually run together and some of the cues are just informational, so it is quite easy to follow. Of the route's 100 miles, only 15 miles are in common with the New Brunswick - Seargentsville - New Hope - New Brunswick Route, mostly at the beginning and in the opposite direction. There are possible deli stops: *On the road which you have just crossed the Delaware at Washington's Crossing, PA on the left 0.2 mile beyond where you make your turn onto River Rd. *In Frenchtown just on the right after the bridge in NJ. *In Seargentsville on the left. *In RIngos on the left prior to the turn on Old York Rd. The bridges are as follows: #1 Van Sant Bridge Location: Covered Bridge Rd. Length: 86 ft. Built in 1875, and also known as "Beaver Dam Bridge", crosses Pidcock Creek. #2 Cabin Run Covered Bridge Location: Covered Bridge Rd. Length: 82 ft. Built in 1871 crossing Cabin Run Creek; it is located a short distance downstream from the Loux Covered Bridge (not on route). #3 Frankenfield Covered Bridge Location: Hollow Horn and Cafferty Rd. Length: 130 ft. Built in 1872 crossing Tinicum Creek; one of the longest covered bridges in Bucks County. #4 Erwinna Bridge Location: Geigel Hill Rd. Length: 56 ft. County records suggest this bridge was built in 1832; crossing Lodi Creek, it is a good example of the lattice-type construction and is Bucks County's shortest covered bridge. #5 Uhlerstown Bridge Location: Uhlerstown Rd. Length: 101 feet. Built in 1832 of oak and has windows on both sides; the only covered bridge crossing the Delaware Canal. #6 Green Sergeant's Covered Bridge Location: Rosemont-Ringoes Rd. Length: 84 ft. Built in 1866, a classic whitewashed structure spanning Wickecheoke Creek and the only remaining covered bridge in New Jersey. The are a few caveats : *The road markings on the stretch from mile 14.4 to 18.2 can be misleading as the names change. Just keep going in the most obviously straightest line and you will prevail. *On Tollgate Rd there is an old bridge across Geddes Creek that is closed to car traffic (May 1, 2008) but if you lift your bike over the guard rail it can be crossed by pedestrian traffic. I put detour cues on the cue sheet just in case. *Care must be taken on the descent on Uhlerstown Hill Rd. *The sharp oblique left in Ringos on the return at mile 78 is not obvious. You need to carefully examine this intersection. The map has a blow-up of this in the correct orientation. If you miss it you will find yourself going south on Rt 31, further confused as you will come upon Rt 518 rather than 514, where you are expecting the next turn, heading even further afield. updated cue sheet: 

HS 3/29/15

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